Real estate objects managed by SUE St. Petersburg Metropoliten are considered state property of
St. Petersburg.

In compliance with Federal Law No. 135-ФЗ dd. 26.07.2006 “On Protection of Business Competition,” any lease agreements in relation to state-owned real estate managed by state unitary enterprises shall be awarded in accordance with the results of contests or auctions for these contracts.

The rules of such contests or auctions in relation to state-owned real estate have been approved by order of the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service of Russia No. 67 dd. 10.02.2010 “On the Order of Contests or Auctions to Settle Lease Contracts, Gratuitous Use Agreements, Trust Management Contracts, and Other Contracts that Include Provisions of Transfer of Right of Ownership or Use of State or Municipal Property, and  List of Types of Property that Require Contract Contests to Be Held.”

Information on contests and auctions will be published on the official website of the Russian Federation at: www.torgi.gov.ru.

Ways of targeted use of real estate leased by SUE St. Petersburg Metropoliten:
        - sales of products and services in accordance with Order No. 556-p of the Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade dd. 12.12.2007 “On Approval of Products and Services Recommended for Sale on the Territory of St. Petersburg Metro and 50 Meters Around St. Petersburg Metro Stations.”

To get more information on advertising opportunities, please contact Property Management Service at SUE St. Petersburg Metropoliten.

Contact Person: Irina Arkadyevna Plyuscheva
Phone/Fax: 317-83-76
E-mail: Plyuscheva.I@i.metro.spb.ru 
Address: 3 Chernoretskiy Pereulok, St. Petersburg.