The “Oredezh” Recreation Camp

The “Oredezh” resort is a seasonal health and recreation facility of the State Unitary Enterprise,
St. Petersburg Metropoliten. It was created in 1974.

The facility provides a range of holiday options:

  • family holidays: from June to September, in 13-day shifts, according to schedule.
  • for hunters and fishermen: on weekends and holidays between seasons.


  • June to September;
  • Weekend offers are available from October to May.

Location: Leningrad Region, Luga District.

Postal Address: 188820, Leningradskaya Oblast, Luzhskiy Raion, Priozernaya Volost, P.O.B. Klukolovo.

Resort Capacity: The resort can accommodate a maximum of 71 persons at any one time.

Accommodation: The grounds span 2 hectares. Residential facilities consist of 11 wooden houses with a total area of 929 square meters (2-3 people per room). Each room is heated with a wood-burning stove.

Food: No organized meals are provided. Gas and wood-burning stoves, dishware, kitchenware and utensils are provided in every house for guests to use.

Infrastructure: The resort has: 11 wooden houses, a bathhouse, a boat hire station, a pool table room. The resort is equipped with firefighting tools, and telephone communication is available.

How to get there: Take a train to Cholovo, and then a shuttle bus to the resort. The bus service is available on first day of every shift. Buses are provided by the SUE St. Petersburg Metropoliten, except for the period from October to May.

Contact Information:

For more information please contact the Holiday Package Department by calling 812 (301-98-50, 301-98-58) 301-98-58, 301-98-50 (fax).

Office Address: 192102, St. Petersburg, 7 Kasimovskaya Ulitsa, Volkovskaya Metro Station.


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