Guidelines for passengers on walking through the metal detectors controlled zone


In the framework of counter-terrorist and transportation infrastructure facilities’ security activity according to Federal Act No 16-FZ of 09.02.2007 “On transport security” all the metro stations are equipped with walk-through metal detectors. Entrance halls of metro stations are equipped with special barriers for circumventing control in order to restrict passengers’ access to metro facilities.


For passengers wearing pacemakers

We call the special attention of the passengers with pacemakers, entering metro vestibule:

1. For the passengers wearing pacemakers the specialized passages have been set in the vestibule of stations – to the left and right of the group of fixed-site walk-through metal detectors:

Information sticker


Guidance signs on fixed-site walk-through metal detectors and adjacent equipment indicate the direction to these zones:

 Information sticker


To ensure a safe metro access the passengers with pacemakers shall ask metro staff worker for assistance by ringing the call button on the panel of barrier (or next to it) and declare the presence of implanted cardiac pacemaker. A metro staff worker shall provide a passage through barrier.

In case a passenger evokes suspicions, Metro police department officer is to be invited to carry out manual inspection of a passenger without the use of mechanical devices.

Passengers with cardiac pacemakers shall have to present the certificate of the implanted device, given to a patient upon implanting. Personal belongings, luggage and carry-on-goods-inspection of these passengers is to be conducted “as usual”, according to “Rules for conducting inspection, additional inspection, secondary inspection to ensure transport safety”, approved by Ministry of Transport of the RF Order No 227 of 23.07.2015.


2. Should any questions arise regarding the procedure of verification and inspection while passing through metal detectors, it is advisable to ask Supervisory metro officer or Metro police department officer for assistance.

Call +7-800-350-11-55 (Help-desk) for assistance of Supervisory metro officer or Metro police department officer.

The telephone number is posted in informational signs in vestibule and at metro stations:

Информационные стикеры в вестибюлях 


Wheelchair passengers and passengers with prams are recommended to use the specified zone to ensure unhindered passage to metro stations.



The St. Petersburg metro guidelines, approved by the Transport Committee Order No 233 of 29.06.1998 (as amended of 26.01.2017) (hereinafter referred to as – Guidelines) must be binding for all individuals within the metro territory.

In case of objection to inspection the passenger must immediately leave the metro territory subject to paragraph 4-1 of the Guidelines.