Interactive Center of History of St. Petersburg Metro

Adress: 29 Odoevskogo street (metro station «Primorskaya»)
The Museum is open: Monday – Saturday (Sunday - closed)

Phone numbers: (+7812) 301-98-33, (+7812) 404-59-20, (+7921)794-16-26, (+7921)405-51-09
E-mail: (Museum Director Viktor Vasilyevich Chervyakov)

Only preliminary reservation.

 Schedule for Organized Visits: 

  • monday, tuesday, wednesday: 10-00; 13-00; 15-00
  • thursday: 10-00; 13-00

 Schedule for individual visitors: 

  • thursday: 15-00
  • friday: 13-00; 14-30
  • saturday: 11-00; 13-00; 15-00


Ticket price:




RUB 300

Discount Ticket*

Discount tickets are offered to:

  • school students; 
  • retirees; 
  • disabled individuals;
  • children from large families, 
  • children from orphanages

RUB 100

Preschooler Ticket


* To acquire discount tickets the visitor must present corresponding documentation.


If a visitor should not be able to attend the tour at the Metro Interactive History Center and Museum, he or she must present an application and receipt to get a refund. The refund shall be made at the Accounts Receivable Passenger Service Office (Communications House-2) at 29 Ul. Odoevskogo, upon submission of an application.


музей метро

музей метро2



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