On the night of May 28 to 29, 2022, the metro will work without interruption

From 28.05.2022 to 29.05.2022 St. Petersburg Metro will be working without a midnight technical break to meet the needs of the mass transportation of passengers during the celebrations of the City Day.

During this time all station vestibules will be open for entrance and exit of the passengers except vestibule 1 of " Prospekt Veteranov " station, vestibule 2 of "Leninsky Prospekt" station, vestibule 1 of "Tekhnologicheski Institut" station, vestibule 2 of "Ploshchad Lenina" station, vestibule 1 of "Devyatkino" station, vestibule 2 of "Nevsky Prospekt" station, vestibule 2 of "Prospekt Slavy" station, vestibule 1 of "Dunayskaya" station and vestibule 1 of "Zenit" station, vestibules of stations: "Ploshchad' Aleksandra Nevskogo 2", "Dostoevskaya", "Sadovaya".

On May 29, 2022 from 02:00 to 04:30, the sales of contactless smart card tickets and the activation of internet payments will be stopped. Passengers will only be able to purchase tokens for cash during this time.

Access to the stations will be by token, travel card and bank card.