The main business of SUE St. Petersburg Metropoliten is passenger transportation. This service is provided for a fee.


The following services are provided free of charge:

1. Issue of information leaflets in case of train delays (information leaflets are provided by the on-duty staff member at the station or the line where the delay is situated)

2. The issue of a copy of an incident report to any person affected by an incident or his or her representatives.

3. Return of items forgotten by passengers in trains and at stations, including documents (in accordance with the internal rules of the Metro network).

4. Issue of information about the cost of tickets and passes (available at cashier stations or in the Passenger Relations Department).

5. Assisting passengers with limited mobility to get up and down escalators.

6. Helping passengers find their way.

7. Providing reference information (Metro Reference and Information Center).


The Metro also provides the following additional services for a fee:

1. Holiday Packages (Baltiyskiy Bereg Sanatorium and “Pansionat” Resort).

2. Medical Services (Baltiyskiy Bereg Sanatorium and Polyclinic).

3. Public Food Services (Café).

4. Advertising Services.

5. Lease Services.

6. Organizing film, photo and video recording.

7. Design and Engineering Works.

8. Regulated Activity of the Transmission of Electricity.

9. Documentation Review Services.